Sangha Yoga Collective

Our mission is to empower us to raise our vibrations, creating inspirational experiences based on authenticity.

sangha = community

Sangha Yoga Collective mission

We take a philosophy first approach to all of our teachings, guided by the roots of Yoga.

Our mission is to honour the culture and deep history of Yoga and to end spiritual by-passing in how Yoga has been taught as it has become more popularized around the world.

We are a trauma-informed Yoga education school that focuses on creating balance for our mental and physical well-being. Our mandate is to create inspirational experiences founded on authenticity and integrity.

Yoga is for EVERYONE! All people of all colours, shapes and sizes, of all religions and cultures, of all abilities both physical and mental – EVERYBODY. Until we all see ourselves represented as Yoga Teachers, this false gap will continue to widen.

We aim to be a trusted source for Yoga education globally.

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sangha yoga collective mission + community